Pay Wallet

Regarding Pay Wallet


We provide an online platform that is fast, easy and safe for all our customers.

In addition, we are pursuing highly convenient services to replace both domestic and overseas traditional deposit and remittance methods.

Various devices including smartphone, Android, tablet, PC, etc. can access to Pay Wallet to make transactions in various currencies all over the world.

By opening a Pay Wallet account, which is free of charge, Customers can use the internal transfer service with low transaction fees and instant reflection as the replacement of traditional deposit method.

Pay Wallet card can be used for instant deposit or withdrawal both for online transactions and in stores or ATMs all over the world.

In order to protect customers’ privacy, we provide secure and convenient payment methods.

Business Model

By centering on Asia and Southeast Asia, we have our resident staff who can provide timely customer support.

When using Pay Wallet, customers can also conduct [Asset Management] and [Payment & Remittance Management] in the convenient and cost-effective online platform provided by our company both at home and abroad.

Besides, personal information of our customers is protected to the highest limit in accordance with electronic security measures and anti-laundering regulations.

About us

Company Name Forex Price Markets Ltd
Address 16 Hutson St.,Suite304,Belize City,Belize